I offer several different services, all priced at competitive rates. My editing services do include proofreading (fixing errors in spelling and grammar), but that’s only one part of the process. As I edit, I also consider audience expectations, tone, word choice, clarity, logic, and argument structure. I use marginal comments to offer feedback as an educated non-specialist. These comments highlight words or ideas that may confuse your readers, or pose questions that your readers may want you to answer. I accept credit/debit cards and bank transfers via Wave Accounting or Zelle, and also accept Google Pay (formerly Google Wallet) and Venmo. Personal checks are fine too, but they must clear before I can release the edited documents. I supply an itemized invoice via Wave with each order. Please also review my payment schedule.

My Services and Rates

  • Live consultations, either online via Skype/Google or in-person in the San Bernardino, CA area, range from $75-$125/hour, depending on the task. In-person consultations may include an additional mileage/parking charge, depending on where we meet. These consultations are designed to help you plan and structure documents, so you can generate a draft for later editing. If you’d prefer to combine a consultation with live editing, your total cost will include my per-word editing rate as well as the consultation fee.
  • For academic papers/essays, journal articles, book chapters, theses, dissertations, and presentations, my baseline rate is $40 per 1000 words (roughly $10/page).  I can do most jobs at that rate, but rush jobs (4000+ words/day) or documents that need extra work are subject to an additional 20% charge. Estimates are free, and new clients can also request a free 500-word sample edit.
  • For application essays, personal statements, and cover letters, my standard rate is $75 per 1000 words (roughly $18/page). I also edit resumes and academic CVs, and generate estimates on a job-by-job basis. These rates include advice on audience, tone, and self-presentation, and many clients find it helpful to add consulting services. As with my academic rate, rush jobs or documents that need extra work are subject to an additional 20% charge.
  • For business documents, such as memos, reports, professional emails, websites, and marketing materials, I generate estimates on a job-by-job basis. The per-word rates are typically similar to my academic editing rates, but some clients prefer to negotiate hourly rates, especially for proofreading long documents.

Ready to get a free estimate? Use this contact form or email me at john@ackeredit.com to start the process!