Since 2006 I’ve helped my clients improve thousands of documents, from individual emails to technical articles to full-length books and dissertations. This page lists several of my book-length editing projects, as well as the academic fields/disciplines that my clients work in. I hope it helps give you a clearer picture of my expertise! If you’d like a free price quote and 500-word sample edit (for new clients) on your project, please contact me.


  • Alex Moiseyev, Sixth: The Way to the Crown. Torsing Plus, 2006. Sixth is an extensive (400 pages!) master-level textbook for tournament checkers players. It includes annotated games from two of Alex’s World Championship Matches, as well as a supplementary games section and a detailed historical account of his road to the world title. I also worked with Alex on The 2006 ACF National Tournament: 50 Selected Games, an 80-page book which was printed privately and distributed to tournament donors.
  • Ji-Won Son, Ted Watanabe, and Jane-Jane Lo, What Matters? Research Trends in International Comparative Studies in Mathematics Education. Springer, 2016. This scholarly essay collection analyzes mathematics education practices in the US, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. It includes 16 article-length chapters (~8800 words each) and 5 commentaries (~3100 words each), written by a group of 28 academic authors.
  • Seth Godin, This is Marketing. Penguin, 2018. In this New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller, Seth “offers the core of his marketing wisdom in one compact, accessible, and timeless package. This Is Marketing shows you how to do work you’re proud of, whether you’re a tech start-up founder, a small-business owner, or part of a large corporation.” I enjoyed Seth’s focus on empathy and connection– in fact, I still refer to his work when I lecture on audience analysis in my writing classes!
  • Crystal Pleasant, The Christian’s Kingdom Identity: Ish Chayil & Eshet Chayil. Higher Level Solutions Publishing, 2018. Crystal’s devotional book “is a call for Kingdom sons and daughters to cultivate their Kingdom Orientation and Kingdom Identity, and with clarity of purpose, become active participants in God’s Global Let There Be Light! campaign.” She is very passionate about her faith and her ministry!
  • Mark Darden, IT’S GAME TIME FOLKS: The Quest for 30. Buckeye Muscle Media Publishing, 2019. This is a fun baseball travel memoir, as well as a practical guidebook for baseball fans. “In 2017, Mark Darden had one ambitious goal: visit all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks in a single season. IT’S GAME TIME FOLKS! is Mark’s memoir of that eventful season: the games he attended, the people he met, and the life lessons he learned during his Quest for 30. Whether you’re a baseball fan, a travel enthusiast, or just in the mood for a great adventure story, you’ll find something to love in IT’S GAME TIME FOLKS!: Quest For 30.”
  • Qin Li, Immersive Communication: The Communication Paradigm of the Third Media Age. Routledge, 2019. “This book proposes a new research paradigm that incorporates new features and factors of communication and a new theoretical framework named ‘immersive communication.’ Pointing out that communication today has moved beyond the bi-directional, mass communication of ‘the second media age’ to ubiquitous, immersive communication in ‘the third media age.’ the author discusses the definition, characteristics, information structure, and models of immersive communication using various examples including Fitbit, Apple, 4G and other technologies, while envisioning future applications of the immersive communication model.”
  • Hyejung Ju, Transnational Korean Television: Cultural Storytelling and Digital Audiences. Lexington Books, 2019. This book “provides previously absent analyses of Korean TV dramas’ transnational influences, peculiar production features, distribution, and consumption to enrich the contextual understanding of Korean TV’s transcultural mobility. Even as academic discussions about the Korean Wave have heated up, Korean television studies from transnational viewpoints often lack in-depth analysis and overlook the recently extended flow of Korean television beyond Asia. This book illustrates the ecology of Korean television along with the Korean Wave for the past two decades in order to showcase Korean TV dramas’ international mobility and its constant expansion with the different Western television and their audiences. Korean TV dramas’ mobility in crossing borders has been seen in both transnational and transcultural flows, and the book opens up the potential to observe the constant flow of Korean television content in new places, peoples, manners, and platforms around the world. Scholars of media studies, communication, cultural studies, and Asian studies will find this book especially useful.”
  • Paul McGowan, 99% True: Almost a National Bestseller. Lioncrest Publishing, 2019. “Paul McGowan tells all (and then some) in this riotous tale of misbegotten success that’s 99% true in all the best ways. From his not-so-innocent youth growing up in the shadow of Disneyland and summer evenings in the innocent 1950s, to his dope-smoking, snake-eating, draft-dodging, loony-bin misadventure through Europe, to his struggles to build a thriving enterprise from a stack of dusty albums—see how the CEO of a worldwide company took fifty years to become an overnight success.”
  • Paul McGowan, The Eat Diet: Eat Anything. Drink Wine. Lose Weight. Viceroy Press, 2019. “Most diets ask you to change your lifestyle: cut the carbs, cut the fat, cut the alcohol, cut the sweets—and still, we don’t lose those pounds. The EAT Diet works without disrupting your life. There’s nothing to buy, no major changes to your lifestyle, and you can eat and drink what you like. If you’re tired of being told what and when you can eat, starving yourself of your favorite foods, then this is the plan for you. Proven, effective, medically safe, and based on the foods you’re already comfortable with.”
  • Moyez Jiwa, The Art of Doctoring. Perceptive Press, 2020. “Every doctor has the power to make a huge difference to the outcome for their patients merely by paying close attention to how they practice the art of doctoring. What we need is a set of rituals we can use in the consultation with patients analogous to the rituals performed by a surgeon before she deploys her scalpel on the patient’s skin. What difference could this kind of attention to detail in the healthcare sector make to patients? How might we relieve the pressure on the system by engaging the most underutilised and creative resource in healthcare design—the doctors, their staff, and the people who need their help? The Art of Doctoring explores the answers to these questions.”
  • Seth Godin, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. Portfolio, 2020. “Based on the breakthrough Akimbo workshop pioneered by legendary author Seth Godin, The Practice will help you get unstuck and find the courage to make and share creative work. Godin insists that writer’s block is a myth, that consistency is far more important than authenticity, and that experiencing the imposter syndrome is a sign that you’re a well-adjusted human. Most of all, he shows you what it takes to turn your passion from a private distraction to a productive contribution, the one you’ve been seeking to share all along. With this book as your guide, you’ll learn to dance with your fear. To take the risks worth taking. And to embrace the empathy required to make work that contributes with authenticity and joy.”
  • Crystal Pleasant, Becoming Who He Knew: Ish Chayil & Eshet Chayil (Vol. 2). Forthcoming. In Crystal’s words, this book “is a tool of divine activation, written to ignite the warrior in every Kingdom son and daughter! It calls for a commitment to one’s specific journey, a series of consistent transformations resulting in improved versions of self, in alignment with God’s will. It provokes the deliberate embrace of one’s Kingdom Orientation, as well as the intentional cultivation of the Kingdom Identity of the same.”

Journal Articles & Dissertations

Since I keep all my clients’ work confidential, I cannot link to specific publications in this category, but I have listed topics/disciplines in which I’ve edited articles or dissertation chapters.

  • Business, Economics, and Marketing: environmental economics, financial accounting, technical efficiency, CEO compensation, corporate governance, overseas market entry modes, COVID-19 policies, gender & political empowerment, marketing philosophy, conflict resolution, management accounting, wage subsidies, microeconometrics, health insurance policy, public policy/affairs, diversity in public administration, real estate marketing, public relations, mortgage foreclosures, consumer psychology, strategic communication, disparities in prescription drug costs, talent management, worker relocation, workforce development
  • Education: education reform, physical education, international education, COVID-19 policies, student engagement, student thinking processes, mathematics pedagogy, teacher training, classroom dialogue, museum education, refugee education, DACA university students, first-generation immigrant university students, ESL/TESOL pedagogy, ESL/TESOL administration, applied linguistics, access and inclusion, faculty retention, EFL pedagogy, corrective feedback, student motivation, stopout/dropout behavior
  • Humanities: 19C American literature, 19C African American literature, Renaissance British literature, writing pedagogy, disability studies, leadership philosophy, Christian theology, moral philosophy, music history, Chinese art history, Chinese criminology, Chinese civic institutions, art restoration, 20C African American music, dissident politics in Poland, anti-nuclear protests, transnational TV, Korean Wave, communication technology, media multitasking
  • Psychology, Sociology, & Criminology: effects of siblings & birth order, trust in divided nations, marriage & cohabitation, work-family interactions, cyber crime, deterrence, aging & well-being, sociology of architecture, mourning/grief practices, eating disorders, family stability, parental warmth, intergenerational cultural differences, race & policing, marital migration, migration & acculturation
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM): cancer biology, bioinformatics, genetic mutations, cognitive impairment, atherosclerosis, cyanotoxins, competition among aquatic species, dairy cultures, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, geology, petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, animal science, data encryption, health technology use, ecology & city planning, statistics